Boudoir noir, pour la femme fatale


Photo of the stunning Rosabelle Selavy by STUDIO REZIN

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If there’s one thing  people know me for, it’s my love of film noir, and my obsession with emulating it in every way possible. It’s been a longstanding obsession which has infiltrated my artistic direction. I’m enamoured with the intoxicating darkness, the smoke fills my senses and the mystery adds a much needed spice to life. But as much as I love the visuals of film noir, I have the say I love its femmes fatales even more.

If you look up the term, this is what you’ll find:

Femme Fa·tale

ˌfem fəˈtal,fəˈtäl/ noun

  1. an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.

I take major issue with this definition, as it is clearly written from a patriarchal perspective. It strips  the femmes of their complexity, intelligence, and other assets and over simplifies them. It is important to note that femme fatales are neither solely harbingers of disaster, nor a male-specific danger. In actuality all may fall prey to their charms, and they are not all are causes of chaos. An  example of this in film noir is Lauren Bacall’s character in The Big Sleep. Their being completely maligned is just another symptom of the fear our society has of female power.


Gorgeous plus-size model on the rise, Helen Lorraine photo by STUDIO REZIN

The femme fatale is a breed of her own. I’ve yet to meet a real one (an event that would be simultaneously frightening and exhilarating). But there have been many women historically who can probably be so categorized, although in current day they might be more difficult to spot. Something that would stand out most about a femme fatale in modern times is the her full consciousness of, yet non-fixation with, her own beauty. She realizes that the art of seduction is very much dependent on attitude on personality, and not just her naturally endowed looks. If there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s that this femme is incredibly confident and knows her worth. Her confidence is not to be confused with vanity, which is ultimately hollow, constantly in need of approval. This femme doesn’t need your approval. To state the obvious, no insecure woman could ever generate the charismatic magic needed to fill the role.

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Yep… I’m in the photo booth business now.

Yes, it’s true! At least, so far.

It all started when Alex and I began attending some of NYC’s premiere retro-themed parties around mid 2014. Our first party was La Vie Parisienne, which was an amazing event. As a first-timer I was in awe not only of the space but also the decor. Following this event we also attended the Journey through Japan in Deco Style and Phantasmagorey Halloween events, held my the same event holder.  I was so happy to have come across these parties, as I have sorely missed not only California’s weather but also the party scene. As a film noir-obsessed individual it hasn’t been very easy for me to find “my kind” of people,  so these events have been a relief.  I know it might seem strange for me to say, considering how much of a reclusive, anti-social being I am but I really do love dance parties. Especially the ones where I have the chance to dress up. Anyways, fast forward to this past fall 2014. I received a cute mailing list invite to a secret boudoir party by the name of “Boudoir Dolls” hosted by Dances of Vice. I was originally planning on simply attending but I realized that I should instead ask to take part seeing as it was thematically totally up my alley. So I reached out, and fortunately the lovely hostess was open to my volunteering. The event was a bit stressful seeing as it was my very first time doing this sort of work. I photographed about 40 women that night while donning lingerie myself. It was fun :).


Open-air photo booth for the Boudoir Dolls event


Shortly afterward I was invited to return for the New Year’s event and, well… just sort of jumped into the photo booth world. I”ll be honest, it’s been intense and every event thus far has been a learning process, but it makes me really happy to know people love their images. I am extremely grateful for every job I’ve received so far.

So if you’re interested in hiring a (wo)manned photo booth (as opposed to a mechanized one) that offers on-site printing and online album options, check our newly made events page!

Below are some more examples of our work.

L-R: Open-air photo booth for Dances of Vice‘s NYE “Hollywood Golden Age” party  (featured: Event holders of  Rebel Night NYC) and Valentine’s Day “La Vie Parisienne: L’Orient Express” party (featured: Stilt walker Anya of  Lady Circus)


I really enjoy dressing up for the photo booth events (given I have the proper attire :P).




A moment of frustration

Sally Lane, photo by Irving Klaw

Sally Lane photo by Irving Klaw


Why is it that some of us find it so much easier to help others with their goals as opposed to our own?

This has been the story of my life. I have always been a cheerleader for those who I’ve become close to, but I’ve never managed it for myself. I understand that confidence has a lot to do with it, but it’s so much more complex than that. I’m confident in my abilities.

On occasion people have given me the (absolutely absurd) suggestion that I pretend my businesses and life are someone else’s.  Well, if that worked I wouldn’t be having this problem.


Frustrated Michi

Le jeudi de l’art – lingerie and alt fashion

I’ve completely fallen off the wagon with just about everything. But here’s me trying to climb back on.

As per usual these are completely void of meaning. But that’s no surprise. Fashion is rather hollow, pretending it’s not is kind of silly. :)

artwork-pinkie-watermarked insta



All art by Michi Rezin of Delphina Luxe Art

Holiday Gifts for the Dark Home

I have to come to terms with the fact that I’m not fond of writing. I am a visual creature who often feels frustrated by the fact that communicating does not come easily to me. So I’d like to share a bunch of the dark and pretty things I’ve collected on my wishlist and include very little writing cause… I just don’t feel like it. :)


Anatomy of Digestion Cup & Saucer – Lobules

I am so enamoured with this cup and saucer set! If money was no question I’d definitely be spending a fair amount on this china.

 “This unique range of fine china illustrates the anatomy and histology of the digestive system in graphic black and white with hand gilded detail. The range portrays the intricate anatomical pattern and detail from the teeth to the stomach, intestine and liver.”

The plates are 30cm (10″) diameter made of bone china. Each plate is handmade and hand gilded in Stoke on Trent, UK.

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Kirameki Magazine Feature

So I recently managed to score my first cover image! Ok, so it’s the backcover… but I totally don’t mind. :D


It all started when the editor of Kirameki Magazine asked if I’d be willing to design a back cover for their November GIRL POWER issue. I of course happily obliged! I was honored to take part in an issue surrounding a subject I feel so strongly about (feminism). In addition to landing the back cover, I was also granted an artist spotlight where I answered a few questions on things regarding my background, art, feminism, and media. Delphina-Luxe-illustration-spotlight

I am hoping that this step inspires me to take my fashion illustrations further. Over the last 8 months I’ve been devoting most of my time to my photography business – which has been great. But my art has unfortunately suffered significantly.

Anyways, should you be interested in learning more on this magazine you may find them at:

The issue I’m featured in may be found here:

Mes photo recents ~ More than T&A


Blog post soundtrack: Bohren & der Club of Gore – Prowler

A few things have been bothering me lately.  As most of you probably know, I do female-focused portraiture that includes boudoir, outdoor lingerie, fetish-themes, and striking head shots.  My original direction was boudoir-specific, but I’ve since dumped that idea and have begun to expand into other realms. Anyway, my aim is to provide beautiful photography of empowered women, or women seeking empowerment.  While I’m very happy with with my current progress, I’m a bit irked by things that have begun to crop up.  Specifically, how many of the male half of our species enjoy reducing the imagery to comments on breasts and butts.  I’m not photographing rears and busts specifically. No, I’m setting a mood, creating themes, and asking each subject to dominate the camera… so I’d hope it would be obvious why reducing it to body parts is extremely annoying.


As you can probably imagine (or maybe you can’t. Whatever the case…), I’ve already had to start worrying about quickly deleting inappropriate comments, despite not having been going in this direction all that long. Some people even have the audacity to request access to private albums of models/clients’ photo shoots (invasion of privacy much?). I can only assume that this will get worse as things move forward.



For those of you who have an eye for photography, you might note that my work isn’t even highly sexual. Sensual – yes, but overtly sexual? I think not. I tend to make a point of capturing women in poses that make them look mysterious, confident, thoughtful, or powerful – in a feminist light. It might be hard for people to wrap their minds around, but my photography is for women, not men. Yes, that’s right. Just because something is feminine and sensual DOES NOT mean its intended for men.


I know a lot of people will say things like, “What did you expect?” or “Just ignore it” or “Who cares?”. With regard to what I expect … while I’ve actually come to have low expectations of people, I still do wish they would interact at a slightly respectable level. As for the ‘who cares’ angle – let me just say that many of us do.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a youtube tutorial (for construction DIY a lot of the time) with a female speaker only to find a slew of sick comments like “nice tits” or “hot rack”. These comments will in most situations always be inappropriate so, excuse me while I take offense to these things! It clearly doesn’t matter what sort of art or incredible information we’re trying to share, or what amazing feat we’re doing. The only thing that seems to matter to many people  (men in particular) is what our bodies are like, or how our faces range from 1-10. It’s tiring. Very much so.

I know a solution won’t come overnight, next week, or even in the next five years. I’m too realistic to fantasize such things but I would like to say that if you find yourself summing down people/places/things into body parts, it’s time you stop. I mean, really – no one ever comes off as intelligent with of that sort of mindset.

Till next time,





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