Mes dessins récents


Here are some of my recent fashion illustrations for the month of March. I’m glad to report that I’ve been very pleased with all of my work as of late. I don’t exactly know how to explain it, but I feel I have a smoother connection between my drawing hand and my brain.  Everything has been much more effortless.


The above images are drawings I did while at a live drawing fashion illustration event here in NYC. 

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A Tea Post

Yesterday, while making our evening tea (I think I was preparing Harney & Sons Florence), I jokingly told Alex that one of my life goals was to find the perfect tea set.

If you have interests like mine, it’s terribly hard finding the perfect anything.  I’m so often in search of the shiny, black, faux-Edwardian version of practically everything… and I usually don’t find much that fits the description.

A couple of years ago I came upon an image that threw me for a loop. It was perfect. Black, Edwardian-inspired, and the work of an artist. However, it was not for sale, and probably not even functioning. Really disappointing.

You can probably see why I fell in love.

by  Christine Misiak

by Christine Misiak

Since coming upon this image I’ve been searching for a lookalike. Or at the very least a cool black tea set. This post is dedicated to my findings. None work for me personally, but many I’ve come across may work for any fellow darkly-inclined (and tea-loving) folk.

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Joyeuse St-Valentin !


Since Valentine’s Day is practically synonymous with pink, I figured I’d celebrate today by posting imagery from my pink-themed boudoir shoots. I normally don’t have much of a place for these on my blog seeing as how bright and girly they are, so here’s my chance !

Models featured in this post are gorgeous Spartan plus-size model Annoula Dritsas (she’s actually Spartan!) and lovely burlesque dancer Kita St. Cyr. Both of these gals are amazing and a joy to shoot.

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Le jeudi d’art – Un peu de variété

… What ?

Is that … color ?

A limited color palette… but yes, it is.

Delphina Luxe Art - Exotique

The adornment in the above illustration was inspired this necklace,  a beautiful piece by Sherry Serafini in collaboration with Heidi Kummli.

I did some quick digital coloring to this. Yes, I know it’s probably a bit shocking !  Hahaha. But before you think I’ve lost myself, here’s another recent piece in black and white ! :)


Fashion illustration © Michi of Delphina Luxe Art

Lundi – Mes photos récentes


Last week I had the pleasure of doing shooting with a stunning burlesque dancer/model by the name of Hazel Honeysuckle. I decided I’d try a new lighting scheme inspired by  a lighting style I’ve seen in neo noir films such as The Postman Always Rings Twice (1986) and Blade Runner. I think I was also subconsciously channeling red district lighting.

I absolutely love the outcome.

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